3 Year Guarantee Symbolx1

3-Year Warranty: Company warrants that all labor to install the System will be reasonably free of defects within tolerances of the irrigation for a period of three (3) years from the date of that installation is complete (“Warranty”). Materials are covered by the applicable manufacturers’ warranty. Under the Warranty, the Company, during normal business hours at its own expense, will promptly make any and all necessary repairs concerning the workmanship of the System design and installation reported in writing to the Company during the Warranty period. The Warranty includes only defects in workmanship of design and installation of the System and expressly excludes faculty or failure of equipment, improper usage of the System, damage caused by freezing, fire, flooding, and any other natural phenomena, or damage by any other cause. Any modification or repair of the System by any person other than Company voids the Warranty. All projects must be paid in accordance with the terms of this Agreement or the Warranty is void. Customer’s account must be in good standing at all times or the Warranty is void. The Warranty is only valid if Company completes the Contracted Project.