How can we help you with your irrigation needs?

How can we help you with your irrigation needs?


Full Service Irrigation Design and Installation

Laurel Ag & Water, with its subsidiary companies, has over 120 years of irrigation design and installation experience. Using our knowledgeable professionals, each project is tailor made based on your requirements. We consider type of crop, water accessibility, and sustainability in terms of design and determine the best product type for your project and budget. Our skilled team has experience designing and installing all types and sizes of irrigation systems for a wide range of farming operations


Irrigation Pipe Rental

From select products to complete irrigation systems, Laurel Ag & Water offers rental solutions to fit any need. Known for providing growers with irrigation design and irrigation pipe rental services throughout California and Arizona, our irrigation experts will help you determine which rental options will best suit your project.


Yelomine Piping Services

Yelomine provides the strength and impact resistance necessary for above ground, exposed applications as well as underground applications. It’s simple to assemble, as pipe sections are connected through a high strength restrained joint system, using PVC couplings with integral O-rings that provide a hydraulic pressure seal. The pipe also features strong UV protection, which is perfect for intense farming environments often found in the Western states. All these factors combine to produce a reliable pipe ideal for accommodating nearly any irrigation project.

Lightweight and easy to handle, CertainTeed Certa-Lok Yelomine is an efficient option when water sustainability is a concern. Contact our qualified experts to learn more: 661-368-3550


Agriculture and Water Supply

We work alongside the grower driving for increased returns and yields by creating irrigation design with state-of-the-art systems. We are leaders in applying advances in micro-irrigation technology and customizing the process to meet the needs of both large and small operations.

Our customers have access to a wide variety of irrigation system parts and materials. Our warehouse is stocked with the parts you need on a regular basis and in the rare event we don’t have what you’re looking for, special orders are quick and easy.

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